The Strength of Europe: our Cities

Cities shape European society. They are the places where self-responsibility, citizens’ commitment and autonomous administration have been developed, tested and applied – still highly successful up to the present day.

We know that an integrated urban development is essential for social cohesion, sustainable economic power and high quality of life. We also know that the strength of the cities is depending increasingly on regional alliances and the active participation of citizens and businesses. Public administration – cities, districts and municipalities, but also ministries – they all receive individual support and expert consulting by complan Kommunalberatung which is precisely tailored to their wishes and demands in our main fields of activity: urban development, economic promotion and governance. We actively consult companies of the real estate industry in the preparation and implementation of their projects regarding listed monuments. Whether you need a short-term expert report or a long-term process control: we are a strong partner at your side – with competence, experience, power and optimism.

Urban Development

To strengthen the inner cities, urban districts and entire regions concepts are needed today that take into account all participation levels. Our concepts rely on multi-functionality and sustainability. We promote the synergies between habitation, transport, economy, culture and social infrastructure.

We encourage active citizenship and business commitment. When residents, businesses and associations actively participate in change processes the identification with their cities and municipalities is strengthened. Since 1991 we have prepared, supported and implemented over 500 projects in the field of integrated urban and regional development.


Every city, every region is unique. We identify local potential and strengths and evaluate the external factors and opportunities for development. This forms the basis for our sustainable concepts and specific recommendations for action to secure and improve your local site conditions. By implementing such well-founded knowledge you are able to make the most of local potential.

As facilitators, mediators and partners we support the cooperation of local associations and we bring at a table businessmen and start-ups with important persons from the fields of transport infrastructure, education, employment market, research, science and marketing. Together we bring business requirements into accord with the capabilities of local and regional economic promotion.

Historic City

Preserving our architectural heritage and the evident signs of history of the European city is more than voluntary work for the cities. Historic cityscapes represent great opportunities for enhancing regional competitiveness. By a change in use and meaning listed urban areas can be linked with modern spirit.

We develop living historic city centres for residents and businesses, in which habitation, employment, trade, tourism and mobility are in line. That is why we maintain a continuous dialogue with experts from business, politics and society. complan Kommunalberatung is nationally and across Europe synonymous with responsible handling of our architectural heritage. 

Building projects

Investments need precise preparation, professional management and reliable economical handling. We develop customized action strategies for the options preservation and further construction, for users and uses, for investors and investments and for the new in the old. We reconstruct individual objects and launch new construction projects – site-specific, distinctive and sustainable in every aspect.

Monuments tell stories and convey history, upon which our identity is built upon. We advise monument owners, because tourism, retail, real estate, culture and creative industries benefit from living heritage conservation. We assume the project management according to HOAI and AHO and because of our great experience in the field of economic construction management we secure the complete execution of construction operations. Given the ever-increasing complexity, we are just a win for local builders.


Joining in the conversation, participating in the decision making process and sharing responsibility – this is what we expect from people living in the city and region. The role of the cities, districts and communities is to create the necessary conditions: good governance.

This requires innovative decision making processes and suitable governance models. We support urban development and economic management authorities in developing and establishing appropriate and effective organizational structures. And we promote specific participative processes: in each case individually based on the concrete task, but always with a binding framework-setting and professional guidance. 


The right mix is the key! Profound training combined with comprehensive professional experience at home and abroad in administration, science and research as well as many years of consulting practice match together every day – in integrated planning the cogs have to mesh exactly. We have built up an interdisciplinary team: competent, experienced and well-practiced.

Our team offers a convincing wide horizon of knowledge with well-proven expertise in our main fields of activity: urban development, economy and governance. In these fields graduates of many different disciplines feel at home: urban and regional planning, architecture, spatial planning, urban planning, regional management, science of public administration, law, communication, social pedagogy, geography, tourism and cultural management, marketing and economic sciences.

complan Kommunalberatung in Figures

1991: Foundation by Hathumar Drost / 4 employees

1994: Move to Langerwisch near Potsdam / 8 employees

2002: Move to Brandenburg’s capital Potsdam / 15 employees

2003: Takeover of the administrating office of the Working Group (AG) »Cities with an Historic Inner City of the state Brandenburg«

Since 2006 we consult business locations and economic regions in questions of site development and economic development. Integrated urban development processes are now firmly part of our everyday work.

2008, a new challenge: we are the Bundestransferstelle Städtebaulicher Denkmalschutz (Federal Urban Architectural Protection Agency). As a centre of excellence, we assume the care and scientific support for the federal-state programme Städtebaulicher Denkmalschutz (conservation of urban development).

In 2009 we became Programme Officer for the “Active Centres” for the State of Berlin. On behalf of the Senate Department for Urban Development and Environment, we support the implementation of urban development funding in the Berlin programme areas.

In 2010, we fit our name to our diverse tasks: complan Kommunalberatung GmbH (municipal consulting). 20 employees shape a variety of projects in Brandenburg and Berlin, in other states and other European countries.

In 2011 Matthias von Popowski is appointed by Hathumar Drost as additional managing director.

In March 2012 complan Kommunalberatung opened a small office in Kiel for Schleswig-Holstein. There and in other cities throughout Germany we distinguish ourselves in the field of energy-efficient urban renewal. With different technical partners, we are able to offer optimal consulting services for the implementation of energy policy in cities and neighbourhoods. On behalf of the Federal State of Brandenburg we are developing the “Brandenburg Contact Point for Energy Conversion in the Quarter”.

Our expertise in the field of evaluation of development programmes are increasingly in demand. In addition to the evaluation of the programme Urban Planning and Preservation and the Investment Programme UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014, we will, in cooperation with the Institute for Urban Research and Structural Policy (IfS), Berlin, start with the interim evaluation of the Urban Development Funding Initiative „Urban and District Centres“.

The Potsdam office expanded in 2014 spatially again, our technical equipment is revamped so that there are 25 attractive work station available now.

At the beginning of the year 2015, Nicola Halder-Hass joined our team. In 1999 she founded the Halder-Hass Denkmalprojekte (listed monument projects) and since then advises nationwide investors and conservationists. Our division „Historical City“ thus receives an additional facet. 

Persons of contact

Hathumar Drost

Matthias von Popowski